Eastwood Farm

A Glimpse of the Garden

Well, we had our little bit of rain.  It washed away the dust  and got everything, including the weeds, growing fast.  I managed a stint in the vegetable plot where I planted potatoes, beetroot and peas.  The garden robin sees me coming and waits eagerly for easy pickings.  He is now so unafraid that he frequently lands on my foot; in fact it is I who am afraid in case I tread on him.

The garden is particularly colourful at present, mainly due to the wallflowers which also fill the air with perfume.  Emerging growth on the roses is a dark red which will change to green as the leaves unfold.  The clematis montana is coming into leaf and bud now.  That is a good thing because a blackbird has elected to nest in it but is not sufficiently well-hidden and is easily disturbed. When I have to pass it I take care to look away as this convinces her that she is unseen.

Sunny days and long, light evenings are the attraction for the many walkers who use the public footpath that passes the farm.  Some will simply walk from the village and back, but the more energetic will make it a circular walk, taking an hour or more.  Further afield, on May 9th, Sherwood Forest Country Park is the place to go for the Tree Council’s Walk in the Woods when you can join a guided walk, wander through the woods and learn more about the place and its special trees.

On a final note – MORE RAIN- I am sorry, but we do need it; the ground is incredibly dry.


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