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The Week’s Top Tip

Have you ever lost a garden tool?  It’s all too easy when you are trying to do too many jobs in too little time.  I solved the problem (almost} by wrapping a ring of brightly coloured electrician’s insulation tape round the handle of my tools.  Yellow shows up really well when you have popped down…

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Garden Drama

There was a small drama this week when we found a young hedgehog entangled in a badminton net in the garden.  The first step was to cut the net and remove the animal, still entangled, before we could begin to free him.  Good light, fine scissors plus spineproof garden gloves were required.  As you can…

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Another Drama

Well, that is the harvest finished though not without it’s little drama.  When the combine stopped unexpectedly the operator climbed down to see what had happened and found smoke pouring from the back.  Faulty wiring had caused a fire which, fortunately, he was able to extinguish with the onboard fire extinguisher before it became a…

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