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Work and Play

A heavy rainfall a week ago softened the ground a little and gave me a good opportunity to dig out clumps of ragwort which had appeared in the paddock.  Livestock will not eat it in its green state but if it gets into grass cut for hay the animals do not recognise it and they suffer…

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Village Life – a hive of activity.

Nottinghamshire’s answer to the Hay Festival, Lowdham Book Festival, opened on Friday.  The programme is varied and spread over a number of venues, so it may be safe to say “something for everyone”.  Details can be found  on www.lowdhambookfestival.co.uk The Epperstone Summer Festival is safely behind us.  Though not blessed with sunshine the general feeling was one of…

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“Did I tell you?”

Herby Hedgehog (or one of his relatives) is still with us.  How do I know?  Well, I haven’t seen him, of course.  Hedgehogs are nocturnal and I am not.  However,I had been blaming the cats for what I found on the lawn.  I thoiught it was a bit unusual though, then had a sudden idea.  A…

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