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A Bit About Honey and a Date for Your Diary.

The saga continues with bees and honey.  It is as well to remember that honey from the oilseed rape needs to be extracted before it sets in the comb.  That means keeping a close eye on it and removing the frames before they are capped, that is, before the bees have sealed the cells with…

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All about Bees

The bees have been busy this week and so has the beekeeper.  It seems that there are more bees than beekeepers in the area.  There have been so many phone calls requesting us to collect a swarm that we have run out of equipment and had to turn down the request.  In fact it is not always…

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Events in May

Very strong winds on several days this week blew the blossom off the fruit trees and ornamentals into the courtyard.  It looked like confetti, as though we had had a wedding here. My plea for rain was obviously heard.  The ground has had a good soaking and the vegetable seeds sown last week have already…

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A Glimpse of the Garden

Well, we had our little bit of rain.  It washed away the dust  and got everything, including the weeds, growing fast.  I managed a stint in the vegetable plot where I planted potatoes, beetroot and peas.  The garden robin sees me coming and waits eagerly for easy pickings.  He is now so unafraid that he…

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