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Here and There

Sunshine continues to dictate my daily programme. A field walk was definitely indicated, with the excuse that I wanted to see how our crop of spring-sown field beans was coming on in the Eastwood. This is a first time crop for us and has been sown in order to comply with the current obligation to…

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Food Miles

The season for wild garlic is upon us.  Not only does this plant make a delicious (and fashionable) soup, but it is an indication of the antiquity of the woodland in which it grows.  Here on the farm I pick it in the dumble which, at this time of year, is carpeted in bluebells, celandines…

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More signs of spring plus some Food News

The swallows have arrived.  I could not believe my eyes but I was right.  Correct me if I am wrong but isn’t it rather early for them?  I would have expected them late April or early May round here.  Do they know something we do not know?A few days of sunshine and warm weather make…

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Mostly local

After a relatively dry March wet and windy seemed to be the order of the day.  Pear blossom in bud littered the ground and a hawthorn tree fell victim to the high wind.  The water level in the pond is quite high, but the water temperature needs to rise a little before we find frog…

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Easter Week

Evensong on Palm Sunday in Holy Cross Church, Epperstone was enhanced by poetry, bible readings anthems sung by the choir and scenes performed by parishioners from the parishes of Epperstone, Woodborough and Calverton.  As considerable effort had gone into the production it was rewarding to see that it attracted a sizeable congregation. Thinking ahead to…

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